Consulting Yield and risk in strategic balance

We support national and international investors from planning to realisation with personal, innovative and sound consulting services at peer level.

Making far-sighted decisions requires you to take a perspective that considers all the relevant subject areas. Our acknowledged experts advise owners, users and investors individually at any given time during the entire life cycle of a property. From location to market analysis, we provide you with a solid foundation for your decisions. Put your trust in consulting services that draw on experience.

Leasing Solution

The strong pressure that currently has developed on retail property rents means that a smaller-scale use of the properties (frequently in some kind of mix) is often a rewarding solution. We identify the optimisation potential of your premises and create a solution tailored to your specific situation. No matter what the retail segment, we can provide you with the services of an expert who will guide you competently as you navigate the maze of questions concerning rentals.

Redevelopment Solution

Maintaining the value of the property and extending its life cycle often involves the necessity of revitalising or converting the property use. Although department stores, shopping centres and specialist retail parks are often found in highly attractive locations, users sometimes find them lacking in meeting the requirements of structural design or consumers no longer perceive them as modern and attractive.

What is more, competitive pressure on brick-and-mortar stores from the growing acceptance of online trade is rising steadily. This is a starting point for us at IKP as we never stop reinterpreting space and function. For example, converting space presently used in retail trade so that it can be used in other sectors such as the restaurant business or physical fitness may make good business sense.

Lease Contract Consulting

Meaningfully balancing the conflicts of interest between tenant and landlord when drawing up a lease contract requires the services of a disinterested consultant who has comprehensive knowledge of the sector and supports you during lease contract negotiations and can mediate the best possible solutions for both sides. We are competent advisors who will stand by your side.

Buy-Side Advice

Based on proven methods and reliable figures, our buy-side advice is your key to assessing the qualities of the product and identifying risks and deal-breakers as well as possible potential for enhancement of value and earnings. A rewarding and valuable component in the strategic development of your real estate setting.

Due Diligence

We support and guide you through the due diligence process and offer the prerequisite care that will aid you in identifying and analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the property. During the due diligence process, we help you to ask the critical questions about possible subsequent use concepts — especially when it comes to retail space — and present alternatives to you.

Document Management Solution

We take charge of providing meaningful documentation based on contemporary standards by digitizing the relevant property documents and continuously updating them in a secure data room. Any authorised group of users can be sure of simplified access, and the seamless history of the transaction is secured.