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Berlin IKP Immobiliengruppe brokers historic office property in Berlin

IKP Immobiliengruppe has brokered an office and commercial building in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf to a Düsseldorf family office as part of an off-market transaction. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Düsseldorf Jochen C. Dipper strengthens the investment team at IKP Immobiliengruppe

Jochen C. Dipper has been Head of Commercial Investment at IKP Immobiliengruppe Düsseldorf since 01/02/2021.

Ludwigshafen IKP Immobiliengruppe facilitates sale of Sparkasse at Berliner Platz in Ludwigshafen

The Düsseldorf branch of IKP Immobiliengruppe provided intermediary services during the sale process of the Sparkasse complex at Berliner Platz in Ludwigshafen, which was built in the 1970s.

Düsseldorf IKP Immobiliengruppe brokers off-market in Munich

IKP Immobiliengruppe counselled RFR Group in an off-market transaction during the purchase of the commercial building in Neuhauser Strasse 23 in Munich’s 1-A location.

Düsseldorf IKP engaged to sell new building project DasJOHANN in Erfurt

The project developer RMA Management, Düsseldorf, is constructing more than 108 rental residences in the Johannesstadt borough of Erfurt.

Düsseldorf IKP Immobiliengruppe: WORLD OF FITNESS rents space in the new building BlueGate Aachen

WORLD OF FITNESS will be opening a gym with an area of approximately 1,740 m² in the new building BlueGate in Aachen’s Zollamtstrasse in mid-2022.

Düsseldorf IKP brokers 9 properties in Düsseldorf to an investment company from Wiesbaden

IKP Immobiliengruppe has brokered a Düsseldorf real estate portfolio consisting of 9 inner-city residential and commercial buildings to a Wiesbaden-based investment company on behalf of a regional owner.

Düsseldorf Düsseldorf: New LEGO store opens on 27/08/2020

The new LEGO Store, which was brokered by IKP Immobiliengruppe, is scheduled to open on 27/08/2020.

Düsseldorf Lego rents property in Flinger Strasse 50 in Düsseldorf — IKP Immobiliengruppe brokered

IKP Immobiliengruppe has brokered a long-term lease contract to the Danish toy manufacturer LEGO. The previous tenant of the space was the Swedish fashion label Gina Tricot.

Dresden IKP brokers blocks of flats for private investor in Dresden

An institutional investor from Dresden has acquired a block of flats in Dresden’s trendy district Äussere Neustadt from a private investor. IKP Immobiliengruppe was actively involved in the transaction as co-broker with Richert & Oertelt Immobilien.

Berlin IKP Immobiliengruppe opens branch office in Berlin — Andreas Kogge the new managing director

The Berlin branch office of IKP Immobiliengruppe officially opened its doors on 4 May 2020. Managing director of the new office is Andreas Kogge.